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Conventional Kits Fitting Delhi

CNG Kit Delhi deals and installs high quality CNG conversion kits in Delhi at very  affordable price in Delhi. People showing more Interest in compressed natural gas (CNG) in few recent year because of CNG kit does not contain lead, so spark plug life is extended because there is no fouling. (+) Plus, CNG does not dilute or contaminate crankcase oil. This reduces maintenance costs and the overall life of the engine.

A diesel engine requires a dual-fuel system with the proper Diesel/CNG mix to operate safely at better performance. The conversion will be a mixture of the two fuels simultaneously with impressive added power & fuel economy. Compressed natural gas (CNG) is actually better for your engine taking some point of view that its Reduced Fuel CostEnvironmentally FriendlyReduced Maintenance CostPerformance Advantages & Safety Advantage.

CNG Kit Delhi is Govt Approved CNG Fitment Center in Delhi Call: +91-9069114248 for Sequential/Conventional CNG Kit Installation.

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I am pleased with the services that Texla Gas Engineers has provided us, it services is on time and pleasantly surprised with new CNG engine performance.
My friends already share about Texla Gas Engineers service for cng engine,I decided to switch to alternative fuel source & i am really satisfied with there prompt service.


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  • New Year Special discount with every installation for CNG engine.
  • Texla Gas Engineers held Promotional Event in New year Jan 2015.
  • Servey "2013-214" Delhi NCR, Texla Gas Engineers is one of the best for installation of CNG kits for old/ New Car & fleet.
  • Texla Gas Engineers is certified by government for installation of CNG Kit.
  • Texla Gas Engineers is one of the largest & most innovative integrator of auto components in Delhi.


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